A better back office? Digital is how you get it done.

When your back office runs better, your whole restaurant does, too. And that’s what NCR Restaurant Back Office Solutions can help you achieve. From inventory and purchasing to employee management and payroll, we digitize your manual processes so you can do more–and make more–with less.

Get all the POS must-haves to run your restaurant.

Employee scheduling for small to medium-sized businesses

Keep your shifts running smoothly while saving labor costs

  • Build better schedules based on operator targeted labor % vs. the schedule and weather and projected sales
  • Publish schedules to employees via text, email and employee portal
  • Post to Aloha POS for schedule enforcement to control early and late clock-ins
  • Make it easy for employees to message managers, make requests and swap shifts
  • And it’s easy for managers to respond with schedule and swap requests that flow to manager dashboard alerts and guide them through the approve/deny process  

Enterprise labor & inventory capabilities

Process EMV payments, mobile wallets and other current and future payment types securely:

  • Accept cash, EBT Cash, credit card, debit card, EMV chip cards, gift card, RFID, and mobile wallet payment tenders
  • POS and payment engines; transaction switching
  • Data routed from payment terminal device to processor with card data never stored on the POS
  • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization
  • BIN file distribution, central configuration support and PIN pad management
  • Payment terminal device management and tracking